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MIDI input

Why cannot I hear any sound when recording notes from my MIDI keyboard?

In MIDI setup, activate the echo on the device of your choosing.
When starting MIDI input recording from the "Record tools" palette, nothing is recorded. Why?

Ensure you enabled "+MIDI input or MIDI keyboard palette" in "Configuration>Global setup>Keyboard" (You may need to use the scroll bar to make this topic appear)

If you are under Windows, we invite you to view the "Windows: How to connect and use MIDI devices" tutorial
Under Mac OS X : "How to set up the MIDI output under Mac OS X"

  Is it possible to allow the time of the computer keyboard being pressed proportional to the length of the note?

With Harmony Assistant, yes.
Configuration>Global setup>Keyboard>Note duration according to pressure time.
You can also use the realtime input with the computer keyboard. (See record palette)

How to change octave when inputting notes through computer keyboard?

You can define two keys that will add/subtract one octave. See "Configuration>Edit keyboard>Inserting notes"

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