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MIDI Files

When I play a Midi file made with the software, the sounds are not the same. What has happened?
Digital sounds used in the software do not exist anywhere else.
When you play your MIDI tune outside the software, you use the MIDI device managed by the system. The sounds of the various instruments may be different.

When exporting a score in MIDI format then re-importing it, I do not obtain exactly the original score. Why?

MIDI format is not dedicated to music notation, but to exchange between electronic devices. Many pieces of information are missing in the file, and therefore cannot be retrieved.

When importing some MIDI files, right and left hand of the piano part appear on the same staff. How to separate them?

Use "Staff>Split staff according to note..." option. You will get two staves.

In some Midi files I import, notes are shifted and note lengths are, one might say, bizarre. What is going wrong?
Some Midi files come from a "human" recording in which notes are not struck perfectly on the beat and their lengths are incorrect. You will have to quantize these files to display them more clearly (see the chapter "Quantize").  Some MIDI files are recorded without taking the metronome into account at all.These will never display correctly, because their notes simply do not match the beat of the tune.

How to set up quantizing parameters when importing a MIDI file?

You can determine whether a minimal quantize is applied automatically to the loaded document, whether no quantize at all is applied, or whether you want to configure it manually. This is done with the "Midi" tab of Configuration>Global setup.

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