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How to obtain several lines of lyrics?

Add repeat barlines around the section you wish to be repeated. To get more than two lines, double-click the repeat end barline and enter the required number of repeats (thus, of lyrics lines).
You are invited to view the "How to insert lyrics on a score. How to create several lines of lyrics" ("Windows>Tutorials" menu option in the software

When typing in a space in a lyrics cell, edit jumps to the next cell. How to insert two separate syllables, related to the same note?

Use the unbreakable space: Shift+Spacebar

How do I synchronize lyrics to an imported sound track?

The sound file is loaded using "File>Import".
I add a staff "Text" type to the document, this staff will receive the texts.
I change the time signature to have a good precision, for example 16/16.
I work measure by measure, adding a "Play mark" each time a measure is completed.

  How can I quickly copy all lyrics from a staff to another?

Apply Staff>Edit lyrics, select the first staff, copy the text, close the box.
Apply Staff>Edit lyrics, select the second staff, paste the text.

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