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Install / uninstall on Macintosh

How can I install a newer release of the program without deleting my tune files, or the extended sound database I installed some time ago?

If you are using an installer, downloaded from our Website, to update your version, only the application and its internal data files will be changed. All other files will be preserved.
If you are performing a complete install of the new version, just install it over the old version, in the same folder, without uninstalling beforehand.

After having installed on an UFS partition, the application displays "Resource file not found". What can I do?
The Apple UNIX does not manage resources on UFS partitions. Move the application on a HFS partition.

After an update, I get the "Language kit not found" message, and the software does not run. Why?
You forgot to include the language files in the archive. Download it again, after having selected "Include language files" and "English" in the pop-up menu.

Where does the GOLD sound database installs itself?

In the "Myriad Preferences:GMDigit" subfolder of the current user preferences folder.

How to uninstall the application?
Drag and drop the application folder to the trashcan and empty it.
If you do not intend to use any of our applications anymore, you can also remove the "Myriad Music Font" file from the system font folder.

How to uninstall Virtual Singer ?
On Mac OS 9, delete the subfolder included in the application folder.

On Mac OS X , the "VirtualSinger" folder is located in the application bundle.
Open it using "Display bundle content" (Ctrl+Click on the application icon). You will then find the Virtual Singer folder into "Contents/MacOS"

How to uninstall the GOLD sound database?

You may have to uninstall the GOLD sound database, for example if you sell your computer.
In the “Configuration>Sound base“ menu, select the GOLD sound database, then in the same menu, select "Uninstall current database". GOLD sound database files will be deleted from your Hard Disk.

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