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  Is it possible to make the sound evolve while music is playing? For example, when a soloist starts to sing, the other voices should be softened.

To do this, use volume parameter curve. Click the little green triangle on the left of the staff and select "Volume". Select the Edit mode and draw the required curve on each of the staves
You are invited view the "Editing notes velocities. Note setup. Apply change to selection. Editing with curve. Dynamic" video tutorial ("Windows>Tutorials" menu option in the software)

  I need to insert an echo effect only on a few bars. How to stop it?

You must insert a new effect which will stop the previous one. This effect will apply "Stop" on the currently running effect processors. Please note if an effect uses several processors, for example Resonator+Delay, you can stop only the one you need by letting the other one to "unchanged".

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