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Can I freely distribute the tunes I create with this software?
The authors of this software do not claim any right to the music you write. Of course, you are responsible for ensuring that your tunes are not in violation of the copyright laws (for example, if you enter a copyrighted piece of music).
Subject to that, you can possibly sell them... or send them to us to be included as examples in future releases of the software.

  How can I find the total length of my tune?
Select File>Information, which gives you a complete description of the current document.

  Is there a Polish/Swedish/Russian... version of the program?
The software is in French (our native language), English (for the international version), Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. If you are moved to translate the software into your own language, however, contact us.
But be warned: the amount of text in the software and its documentation is probably greater than you think...

When starting Harmony Assistant, I get an empty blank page. What can I do?
You are in page mode. The page mode displays the score exactly how it will be printed. Harmony could not get the paper size by asking the printer driver.
Switch to scroll mode or in the "File" menu, select "Page setup", select a valid printer driver and define the printing setup.

Under Mac OS X, the display slow down when a slur is present or the mouse cursor shudders.  What can I do??
This is an Apple bug, introduced with 10.3 which occurs with some video cards drivers.
In the general setup, "Screen" panel, disable the anti-alias mode.

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