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When I insert a note, its head is a cross, or it is colored, or it has any other kind of attribute I do not expect. What can I do?
Open the "note appearance tools" palette ("Windows" menu) and deactivate the selected items.

Sometimes, I cannot click on some music symbols. What can I do?
This can occurs when:

  • You try to click on the second part of a tied note. Even if displayed as two distinct notes, such a pattern only produce one sound, and is considered as a single note by the software. Click the first note of the group.
  • You try to click on a break symbol (numbered endings, repeat end barline). Click a little bit to the right of the barline to edit all the break symbols at this position.
  • You inserted objects outside the staff area. Select them through "Edit>Select>[object type]" and move them all at the same time on score.
  • Your display scale is too small, and the accuracy not sufficient. Increase the display scale ("Windows>Scale" or "magnifying glass" tool
How to select several bars for all staves?
Click the ruler (gray line at the top of the document window, in scroll mode, where bar number are displayed) and move the mouse over the ruler while mouse button is down

Sometimes, the composer inserts a fermata mark above the barline instead of above a note. It means he needs the two sections of the piece to be separated. How to notate it?
  1. Add a break symbol that does not affect the bar itself, like a Coda or Segno symbol
  2. Set its text style to "SToccata", size 80
  3. Enter the "U" character
The pencil tool is now displayed as a syringe, how can I get the pencil tool back?

Ensure the edit mode in the "edit tools" palette is the pencil.
Ensure a note duration or rest duration is selected in the related palette.

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