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Digital audio tracks

  Can digital effect processors like distortion, panning, echo, etc. be applied to digital audio tracks?

Yes. Just insert a digital effect ("Misc. tools" palette) in the digital track, it will be played from its position.

I would want to synchronize an existing digital track with a standard staff, imported from a MIDI file. How to do this?

You need Harmony Assistant. In the "Scripts>Digital sound" menu, select "Adjust tempo on digital track". You will be able to mark the beat on the digital track, so that the standard staff will be in sync with it.

Is there any way for merging (i.e. bouncing or ping ponging tracks) two digital tracks together e.g. if I have two harmony vocal tracks can I mix them down to one and save processing power and disk space for other purposes.

Select the first track by clicking on the left of the staff.
Apply Edit >Copy
Select the second track  by clicking on the left of the staff.
Apply Edit >Add

Of course, after this, delete the first track.

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