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Chord grid

(Harmony Assistant only)

  The chords computed in the chord grid are not those I want. What can I do?
The modal array or table below gives all the chords which can be played in a given key.
Each row in this table gives the 7 basic chords of a given key. In the first column is the key.
In each cell are the 3-note and 4-note chord names.
To use this table:

        • Get the score key signature
        • Find this key in the first column
        • You can use all the chords in the two rows..

C C Dm Em F G Am Bdim

CM7 Dm7 Em7 FM7 G7 Am7 Bm7b5

F F Gm Am Bb C Dm Edim

FM7 Gm7 Am7 BbM7 C7 Dm7 Em7b5

Bb Bb Cm Dm Eb F Gm Adim

BbM7 Cm7 Dm7 EbM7 F7 Gm7 Am7b5

Eb Eb Fm Gm Ab Bb Cm Ddim

EbM7 Fm7 Gm7 AbM7 Bb7 Cm7 Dm7b5

Ab Ab Bbm Cm Db Eb Fm Gdim

AbM7 Bbm7 Cm7 DbM7 Eb7 Fm7 Gm7b5

Db Db Ebm Fm Gb Ab Bm Cdim

DbM7 Ebm7 Fm7 GbM7 Ab7 Bm7 Cm7b5

Gb Gb Abm Bbm Cb Db Ebm Fdim

GbM7 Abm7 Bbm7 CbM7 Db7 Ebm7 Fm7b5

F# F# G#m A#m B C# D#m E#dim

F#M7 G#m7 A#m7 BM7 C#7 D#m7 E#m7b5

B B C#m D#m E F# G#m A#dim

BM7 C#m7 D#m7 EM7 F#7 G#m7 A#m7b5

E E F#m G#m A B C#m D#dim

EM7 F#m7 G#m7 AM7 B7 C#m7 D#m7b5

A A Bm C#m D E F#m G#dim

AM7 Bm7 C#m7 DM7 E7 F#m7 G#m7b5

D D Em F#m G A Bm C#dim

DM7 Em7 F#m7 GM7 A7 Bm7 C#m7b5

G G Am Bm C D Em F#dim

GM7 Am7 Bm7 CM7 D7 Em7 F#m7b5


For example, the score key signature tells me that the tune is written in G (one sharp). So I can use the 14 chords on the two rows for G:

And I select only 3-notes chords. (from G to F#dim)
I choose a chord sequence for the 4 first bars in my tune: columns I, VI,II and V
i.e.:     G, Em, Am, D.

This chord sequence (I,VI,II,V) is very often used in tunes.
To learn what notes are included in each chord, see the "chord" entry in the Glossary
The software uses the modal table to determine which chords a calculated chord can be selected from. You can however select any chord at any bar by clicking and freezing it.
  My tune has two chords in each bar. How do I make the software take account of this?
Individually, by dragging the separation line between two chords to the middle of the bar. This divides the bar into two parts in the chord grid and makes the software calculate two chords for this bar.

Globally, by using the chord grid menu (arrow in the margin) and selecting "Force 2 divisions".


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