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Bars (measures)


How can I increase the number of bars in my score?
By using the option Edit>Bars>Insert, but it is quite simple to place a note in a bar after the last bar of your score.

In my printed score, the first four bars are on one row, with the next four below that, and so on. How is this possible with the software?
If you are using Harmony Assistant, switch to "Page mode" (Score>Page mode)
Otherwise, you must enter all your bars one after the other, using the horizontal scroll bar if necessary. When printed, bars will be reorganized on paper.

I inserted a bar at the beginning of my score to make a few metronome beats be played when music starts playing. Now, I would want this bar not to be taken into account in bar numbering. How to do this?

Open the contextual menu for the ruler and select "Do not count in bar numbering". Please note it will only affect the bar numbering related to staves, and not the bar number displayed in the ruler.

How to split a multi-rest bar in two groups?
In scroll mode, command+click on the ruler open the contextual menu.
Select "Split multirest".

  When I add a tempo object on a multi-rest measure, this "break" the multi-rest. How to avoid this?

All object added on a staff "break" the multi-rest. Otherwise objects will overlap or in the tempo case,  it will be displayed at a wrong time position.

But an object added on a staff which don't provide sound, like a "text" staff, don't follow this rule.
So, add a "text" staff to your score, the tempo object on it, and merge the staff.

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