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Lutz Stahlhofen Interview

June 11, 2005

 Myriad : Hello, Mr Stahlhofen, thanks for answering some questions. You
 won the  Mandatory Topic of the Tune Friendly Contest with your music "2
 million lightyears from home" and we wish first to know who you are.
 Could you please introduce yourself ?
I am from Mainz, Germany. My age is 43, I have a wife and two daughters.
Myriad: On what kind of hardware are you working ?

A PC with an AMD Athlon 2600+ processor, 80GB harddrive and 512 MB ram
Myriad: What has been your music itinerary ?

At the age of 12 I found out there once was a band called "The Beatles".
Later I started listening to my brothers favourites. A lot of jazz and a whole lot of Frank Zappa. Then I almost stumbled over a song called "In the court of the crimson king" by King Crimson. And thats the music i still like most.
 Myriad: Do you play an instrument (or several) ?
Since the age of 14 I play the guitar. But I can get a sound out of
allmost everything.

 Myriad: What are your tastes in matter of music ? You can quote artists
 or music genres if you want.

 English rock music of the early 70s. King Crimson, ELP, Yes...
 Myriad: More precisely, what are you currently listening to ?

 The CD "Untune the sky" by Trey Gunn. The Warr touchguitar player of King
 Myriad: And what kind of music don't you listen to anymore ?

 The everyday easy listening stuff that hits the charts. Its enough for me to hear it in the supermarket.
 Myriad: Except "2 million lightyears from home", if you had to chose a
 piece to be put into a capsule to be sent to the inhabitants of
 Andromeda, what would be your second choice ?

"Starless" from the King Crimson record "Red"
 Myriad: If you had to be out of the world during a whole year, what are
 the two albums you would take away with you ?

 "Absent lovers" by King Crimson and "Physical graffity" by Led Zeppelin
 Myriad: About the piece which won the contest, what has been the source
 of your inspiration ?

 I wanted to show the lonelíness of the astronauts but also their amazement
of traveling so far away from earth.
 Myriad : What have been the progress of your composition (technical
 details will be of interest for the readers) ?

 I had this first part and I couldnt go on for some time. But I have an
extra folder where I store a lot of little ideas. Sometimes only three or
four meassures long. There I found the missing middle part. Then a little
search in the internet for the countdown. Thats it.
 Myriad: Do you have an anecdote to recount ? Not necessarily related to
 your piece, but related to music in general.

After a gig we once played in a little club in my hometown a man came to the stage and introduced himself as Steven Stills from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. And after looking at my Gibson SG Junior from 1964 he said that it once was his and that he sold it long ago to a music store where I bought it in 1981.
 Myriad : What are your goals or your project in relation with music ?

 Music is my favourite past-time (beside my family). I want to write music that I like and if other people like it too, whatelse do I need to be happy.
 Myriad : Do you have a personal Web site ?

 Not yet. Maybe later. Its a lot of work.
 Myriad : Do you want to pass an advice or a message to the readers of
 this interview ?

Write your own music, use your own imagination. Have fun. And if everybody everywhere would sing, the world would be a more peaceful place.
 Myriad : What other questions would you have wanted to be asked ? What
 would have been your answers then ?

 I dont miss a question but if somebody wants to know something special, please send me an e-mail
 Myriad : Thank you for having answered these questions.


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