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Laurier Nappert Interview

June 7, 2005

Myriad : Hello, Mr Nappert , you won the 13th Contest with your piece "Trinidadité" what have been the progress of your composition?

I wanted to write a very sunny tune. We don't often see the steel 
drums in any composition, so I thought this was a great opportunity 
to show it off. What we generally hear is a steel band made up of 
only this instrument or along with percussions and a bass. At least, 
that is what I saw and heard on my trips to the Islands. So I based 
my tune on what we see most often: a bass, percussions and steel 
drums to which I added 2 trumpets to get a brighter sound.

As for the writing itself, I started off with a basic drum pattern. I 
had a vague idea for the melody. I wrote it down and worked it out 
with lots of off-beats. Then I did a very mobile bass using the same 
rythm pattern used for the melody. The trumpets came last. And to 
finish it off, I arranged it as to have the steel drums playing solo 
as well as the trumpets, and then have these instruments play as in a 
dialog, always making sure the steel drums was the star. The pattern 
used for the percussion may sound the same throughtout the tune but 
it does have several variations nevertheless. It was important to me 
to respect the traditions of the steel bands and to make sure the 
steel drums was the star of the tune, even though the trumpets do 
play a very important role. Steel bands' traditions also make use of 
a lot of thirds and sixths, and this is what I also tried to do. And 
this is the reciepe I used to cook that tune.

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