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Henry Zarkh


January 11, 2005

Myriad : Hello, Mr Zarkh, thanks for answering some questions. You won the First Prize of the 12th Tune Friendly Contest with your piece "Nylon G String" and we wish first to know who you are.

Myriad: On what kind of hardware are you working?
In the beginning (several years ago) I've used portable keyboard-Yamaha. Not any more. Now I'm typing my music on my PC keyboard Intel Pentium3 processor, 1.00 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM.

Myriad: What has been your music itinerary?
When I've graduated Leningrad Conservatory as a choral conductor I was drafted in Soviet Army and a music has save my life, because my young commander was a music lover. Later after the army I've fall in love with "Duble Six de Paris" and tried to do with my 6 singers what "D S d P" so excellently done. In the same time I was working as an arranger, a composer and a conductor.

Myriad: Do you play an instrument (or several)?
Yes, I play piano and keyboard.

Myriad: What are your tastes in matter of music ? You can quote artists
or music genres if you want.
I'm romantic and any romantic music are my favorites.

Myriad: More precisely, what are you currently listening to?

Myriad: And what kind of music don't you listen to anymore?
Russian pop music

Myriad: If you had to chose a piece to be put into a capsule to be sent
to the inhabitants of Alpha Centauri, what would be your choice?

Any Mozart's piece.

Myriad: About the piece which won the contest, what has been the source
of your inspiration?

Django Reinhardt

Myriad : What have been the progress of your composition (technical details will be of interest for the readers)?
I've never learned to play a guitar, but I always envied musicians who play guitars and I decided  to write a guitar music that I would not be ashamed of myself to show it to real guitar player.

Myriad: Do you have an anecdote to recount? Not necessarily related to your piece, but related to music in general.
Do you play a violin?
(Looking on his left hand) Maybe.

Myriad : Do you have a personal Web site?

Myriad : Do you want to pass an advice or a message to the readers of this interview?
Yes. Please study a Myriad soft. It has unending ability to write music.

Myriad : Thank you for having answered these questions.
Thank you Myriad. Henry

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