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28th Tune

Friendly Contest



28th Contest

from July 1st 2013 to January 31st 2014

This session of the contest is now closed

The contest topic was"The duet". Submitted pieces had to be designed for being performed by two instrumentalists and/or singers. Style and duration were free.

music room

Please keep in mind that, besides the quality of composition itself, the visual layout and sound adjustements of the score will also be taken into account.

To rank the pieces, the jury will have to evaluate three facets of each:
- On 20 points, the musical expression
- On 10 points, the score appearance
- On 10 points, the care taken to the instrumentation and the miscellaneous sound settings.

Click here to read the rules.
If you have any question about this contest, please contact us.

Music Pieces

Click here to view an play the submitted pieces
Note: to do so, you'll need the Myriad plug-in (freeware)

Results will be announced here as soon as the jury has deliberated


1st Prize

A Myriad T-shirt

2nd prize
A Myriad USB flashdrive
A Myriad T-Shirt

3rd prize
A Myriad T-Shirt

The previous contest session

27th Contest

Closed December 31th, 2012

The topic was :

The music box

or other mechanical music

Each jury member had to give a note to the music pieces according to three criteria:
  - On 20 points, the musical expression
  - On 10 points, the score appearance
  - On 10 points, the care taken to the instrumentation and the miscellaneous sound settings.
The global note of each piece will be the sum of all the partial notes of each member of the jury. The author of the piece that gets the greatest number of points will be declared as prize-winner.

1st Prize

Wins a music box with blank cards to create their own melodies.
Will be part of the jury for the next sessions.

"The whole virtuosity of mechanical organs and a seducting and compelling melody. A perfect master."

"A complete orchestra, well rendered, a well-adjusted score, a lively and cheerful piece, what else?"

"Excellent work. Congratulations for this piece full of freshness, that immerses us in a funfair.
Just a detail however, it would have been preferable to notate the chromatic percussions on two staves (treble and bass clef) in order to limit the number of notes on ledger lines. But this remains a remarkable work."

2nd Prize

Wins a Myriad USB flashdrive

"Nice atmosphere for this piece that gives the impression to be in 3D. It sounds like a music box from somewhere else.
Remarkable design. Intrumentation and settings are superb."

"Effects are perfect; well used, the dynamics would have deserved to be notated on score.
An exciting and pleasant score."

Wins a Myriad T-Shirt

"This piece is full of good ideas quite well achieved. The score layout is very original and the rendering pleasant to listen."

"Very evocative music and wonderment for all the listeners.
The score scrolls with nice pictures, as in a children's book.
Excellent quality of settings and instrumentation

"Nice musicality and topic matching, good panning wit only a few instruments. The shakuhachi is well used and well rendered.
Too bad that the score hasn't been taken care of to its end and that the miscellaneous embellishments (character font, pictures...) harm the readability a bit."

The other sessions

Some winners have answered a short set of questions.

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