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Nov 16th, 2018, 8:05pm 
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Frequency Modulator  
« on: Aug 25th, 2018, 9:54pm »
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For the purpose of creating electronic music I would like to suggest the following addition to Harmony Assistant.
Combining the Effects and the FX features HA gives the composer already an array of possibilities to modulate any sound, beit a built in instrument or a digital track and create electronic music.
But it can only be done with the chromatic tone system. What is lacking
is the possibility of attributing any frequency of sound to any given note. Were this available, one could, on any staff, irrespective of clef and irrespective of number of staff lines, attribute any frequency, beit 200Hz or 2000Hz to any note entered. A set of rules could be created for all the pitches on that staff to sound at the frequency desired.
Together with the Rules-function and the FX-generator HA could become a very powerful electronic music studio.  
This might also require the addition of a standard pure sinus tones in the instrument section.
Would it be very difficult to realise this?

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