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Nov 17th, 2018, 8:59am 
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   Default Lyrics
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   Author  Topic: Default Lyrics  (Read 9083 times)
Question: Do you support the proposal below?

Yes     18 (85.7%)
No     3 (14.2%)

Total votes: 21

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Re: Default Lyrics  
« Reply #15 on: Oct 27th, 2006, 6:02pm »
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Thanks for the support, Charley, Strangiato, GMK, and others!
I really want to see an explanation by one of the Guillions as to why this would justify even two Stars of Difficulty to implement, let alone the five stated! VS already does something very much like this with the Automatically Repeated Chorus Lyrics feature! The only thing that would change would be an additional source of the lyrics for a missing lyric syllable!
The only thing I can think of would be the case where the timings of the notes differ between empty notes in a Staff and the notes with the lyrics to be substituted from its Lyrics Parent Staff. For instance, if both Tenor and Bass sing, "Vo-dee-oh" over three notes, and the Bass is getting its lyrics from the Tenor, but the Bass sings three quarter notes while the Tenor sings a dotted quarter, an eighth, and a quarter, there might be some difficulty in the code to determine how to match those up.
I would therefore suggest that this be handled on a per-measure basis, and by the number of notes (not their timings) within a measure, just as lyric syllables are normally assigned. There'd be no need to determine actual timings. In other words, code-wise, it'd be per-measure, simply substituting the lyrics for that entire measure. Also, the lyrics for the entire destination measure would have to be blank for substitution to occur. This would generally be the case anyway, and the rare exceptions can be handled with manually invisible lyrics.
The logic currently works something like this, and would continue to work that way, with my proposed addition boldfaced:
1. VS is about to calculate the singing of a Measure on a Staff, having just advanced to a new Measure or the first Measure of a new Staff as needed.
2. Are the Lyrics blank? If not, just calculate the singing of them according to the usual rules (language processing, SAMPA, Fragments, etc.), then continue to the next Measure back to Step 1.
3. The Lyrics are blank for this Measure. Does the Staff have a Lyric Parent Staff? If not, skip to Step 6 (which would be Step 4 the way things are now.)
4. Lyric Parent Staff: Are its Lyrics for this Measure blank? If so, recurse back to Step 3, using the Lyric Parent Staff of the Lyric Parent Staff.
5. Lyric Parent Staff has Lyrics. Substitute these for the Lyric text for the current Measure of the current Staff. We're done with this Measure, so advance to the next Measure, back to Step 1.

6. Is this Measure a Repeat of a Repeated Chorus, and is Repeat Chorus Mode on (default)? If so, look up the Lyric Measure from the previous Repeat and substitute it in. We're done. Advance to next Measure, back to Step 1.
7. Lyric remains blank despite Parent Staves or Repeated Chorus. Calculate it according to other VS rules in effect, such as Scatting, Solfeggio, "La," sustaining a prior syllable (Melisma), or just do silence here, as usual. Then advance to next Measure, back to Step 1.
Note that Step 6 already exists! VS already does this (see? No boldface)! Note also that Step 5 (the "meat" of my proposal) is identical to Step 6 (and 7, for that matter, which also already exists) with the sole exception of where the substituted lyrics come from! Step 6 (which already exists, remember?) has them come from the same Lyric Staff but a different Measure in time (a prior repeat), while Step 5 has them come from a different Lyric Staff but the same Measure in time! That's the one and only difference! The rest is just how to find that source Staff, and that would be directly or limited recursively specified!
Really, what's so five-star hard about this!? I don't get it!?
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Re: Default Lyrics  
« Reply #16 on: Oct 3rd, 2007, 6:02pm »
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I support this request as it would save me a lot of time
correcting after the current merge.
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