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Jul 19th, 2018, 7:52am 
 1   Requests / Requests for a new feature / diagrammes accords pour chromatique  on: Apr 4th, 2018, 6:20pm 
Started by damu | Last post by damu
Ce serait bien utile
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 2   Requests / Requests for a new feature / montrer l'image jouée (show the picture)  on: Apr 4th, 2018, 2:51pm 
Started by damu | Last post by damu
dans les scripts il existe "montrer limage jouée"
pourrait-on avoir cela avec une fenêtre horizontale (à présent elle est verticale)
bien utile pour faire apparaitre un diagramme d'accord pour le chromatique par exemple.
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 3   Requests / Requests for a new feature / outil de selection/ selection tool  on: Apr 4th, 2018, 2:43pm 
Started by damu | Last post by damu
un outil de sélection serait bien pratique.
S'il existe déjà je ne l'ai pas trouvé!
par exemple à partir du menu/ édition_mesure_selectionner
pouvoir choisir de sélectionner de la mesure x à la mesure y..
Good morning
a tool to select would be apreciated.
If it already exists I missed it! [b][/b]
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 4   Requests / Requests for a new feature / Rhythmic Notation, simplified  on: Mar 19th, 2018, 6:43pm 
Started by Tony Deff | Last post by Tony Deff
In Rhythmic Notation the notes do not produce any sound; they simply determine the chord duration.
( Tutorials > Editing Staves > rhythmic slashes notation            Didacticiels > Edition: Les portées > Notation rythmique guitare )
Chords are specified by clicking in the black triangle > Edit chord line as text  
then typing the chord name (the names must exactly match Configuration > Edit chord diagram)
Chord names need to be large enough to read easily, but are often very close together, this can get very messy.
It would be clearer to only print each new change of chord.
This can be achieved by reducing the font size of repeated chords and making them white (they are shown red here for clarity),
but it is very labour-intensive.
It would be helpful if a shortcut symbol could be introduced, meaning "repeat the last chord".  
For example, typing = in the text chord-line could produce no printed text but could generate the sound of the previous chord.  
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 5   Requests / Requests for a new feature / Enlarging Measures  on: Jan 31st, 2018, 3:07am 
Started by dheo | Last post by dheo
It would be helpful to me to be able to enlarge a measure anywhere in a score by placing a larger time signature in it. If for example, I need 5 beats in a measure instead of 4, I could place a 5/4 time signature in the measure and the notes in the measure to the right would not "move" into the measure I am trying to enlarge.
Select Option>Limit editing to one bar
Place the time signature of your choice in the measure of your choice and it would not affect the notes to the right in the next measure.  
Extra beats would appear in the "enlarged" measure as ghost rests if desired until the measure is full.
The "enlarged" measure can be changed to another "size" but the notes and or rests cannot exceed the value of the inserted time signature.   
(the change in time signatures would also affect the corresponding measures on the staves above or below)
It would be useful when working with fermatas and I need some "extra space" to write a fill.
I wouldn't have to insert an extra bar.
Best Regards,
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 6   Democratic Workshop / Notes, symbols / Re: Chord for gracenotes  on: Nov 11th, 2017, 3:58pm 
Started by Olivier Guillion | Last post by mizushima
on Feb 5th, 2008, 3:35pm, Olivier Guillion wrote:
Cette option est déja implémentée dans la version beta en cours.

Ah oui, mais quelle version ? car sous HA 9.1.7c neuf ans après le commentaire cité, je ne vois pas la possibilité d'accord dans une appoggiature.
Cela a-t-il été abandonné ?
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 7   Requests / Requests for a new feature / Réglage par défaut du point d'orgue  on: Sep 19th, 2017, 10:45am 
Started by Mick Rochard | Last post by Mick Rochard
Serait-il possible de régler le point d'orgue à sa convenance (exemple 400, ou autre, au lieu de 200 actuellement) et que ce réglage soit conservé dans la session ou qu'il devienne le réglage par défaut?
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 8   Requests / Requests for a new feature / Re: tablette tactile  on: May 3rd, 2017, 12:48am 
Started by hermesII | Last post by Pascal
Suite au remplacement de l'applet par myrweb, j'ai le plaisir de constater que les partitions sont maintenant lisibles et jouables sur ma tablette, pourtant déjà ancienne (asus A700) sous firefox beta.  
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 9   Requests / Requests for a new feature / Views with and without TAB  on: Feb 25th, 2017, 6:23pm 
Started by Tony Deff | Last post by Tony Deff
When a score includes an instrument such as a guitar, its TAB staff clutters the page: a reduced print scale makes it of limited use.
A TAB staff is best used in an individual view, where the player needs help to play the part.
Currently, to generate views for an instrument with TAB and without TAB, it is necessary to duplicate the staff.
(The staff without TAB is printed in general view, and the staff with TAB is selected for the individual view).  

Lorsqu'un score inclut un instrument tel qu'une guitare, sa portée TAB ne fait qu'entraîner la page:  
une échelle d'impression réduite rend son utilisation limitée.
Une portée TAB est mieux utilisé dans une vue individuelle, où le joueur a besoin d'aide pour jouer la partie
Pour générer des vues pour un instrument avec TAB et sans TAB, on doit dupliquer la portée.
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 10   Requests / Requests for a new feature / Bar menu: extended \ Menu de mésure: additions  on: Feb 25th, 2017, 6:14pm 
Started by Tony Deff | Last post by Tony Deff
After accidentally switching-on the display of bar-widths, I could not remember how to turn them off again.  
A logical place to find the command is a right-click in the bar header  
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