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  English (128 tutorials)
    How to handle the program
    Editing a score
    Editing staves
    Editing bars, break and barlines
    Editing clef, key, time signatures
     Notes and rests
10 mn
Score input. Adding notes, rests, staff. Changing key and time signature. Selecting an instrument. Changing tempo. Adding bar line. Automatic beaming setup.
1 mn
How to insert triplets on a score.
2 mn
Inserting triplet on a score, as well as any other tuplet (6:2 for example).
4 mn
Accidentals. Enharmonics. Cautionary accidentals.
2 mn
Inserting and editing grace notes.
3 mn
Editing score through the computer keyboard or the virtual keyboard.
2 mn
Colouring notes according to their pitch.
1 mn
How to avoid note head splitting when note length overlaps a bar edge.
1 mn
How to build quickly a chord from a single note.
2 mn
How to configure a staff for automatic whole rest display.
    Other symbols
    Tablatures, drums, lyrics
    How to configure a score for a better display
    How to configure a score for playing
    How to use Virtual Singer
    How to manage files
    How to configure your hardware
  Francais (131 didacticiels)
  Castellano (12 tutoriales)

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