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Chromatic Percussion


Organ 1
60's Organ
70's Elec. organ
Tremolo Organ
Organ 2
Percussive Organ
Chorus Organ 2
Organ 3
Synth Theater Organ
Church Organ 1
Church Organ 3
Swell-Quintaton 16
Swell-Montre 8'
Swell-Bourdon 8'
Swell-Viole gambe 8'
Swell-Voix celeste 8'
Swell-Prestant 4'
Swell-Violoncelle 4'
Swell-Flute chem. 4'
Swell-Nasard 2 2-3'
Swell-Flute 2'
Swell-Tierce 1 3-5'
Swell-Nasard 1 1-3'
Swell-Sifflet 1'
Swell-Plein jeu III-V
Swell-Cymbale II-III
Swell-Cromorne 8'
Swell-Voix humaine 8'
Swell-Hautbois 8'
G.Org-Bourdon 16'
G.Org-Montre 8'
G.Org-Flute chem. 8'
G.Org-Gambe 8'
G.Org-Prestant 4'
G.Org-Salicional 4'
G.Org-Flute ouverte 4'
G.Org-Quinte 2 2-3'
G.Org-Doublette 2'
G.Org-Flute conique 2'
G.Org-Larigot 1 1-3'
G.Org-Cornet IV
G.Org-Sesqualtiera II
G.Org-Fourniture V-VII
G.Org-Bombarde 16'
G.Org-Trompette 8'
Church Organ 2
Ped-Contrabass 16'
Ped-Soubasse 16'
Ped-Montre 8'
Ped-Bourdon 8'
Ped-Choral Basse 4'
Ped-Flute Basse 4'
Ped-Cor de nuit 2'
Ped-Fourniture III
Ped-Bombarde 32'
Ped-Bombarde 16'
Ped-Trompette 8'
Ped-Clairon 4'
Reed Organ
Indian Harmonium
Puff Organ
Street Organ
Accordion Fr.
Chrom. Acc. - musette
Chrom. Acc. - flute
Diatonic Accordion
Chrom. Acc 2- Flute
Chrom. Acc 2- Musette
Chrom. Acc 2- Full Stop
Chrom. Acc 2- Bandoneon
Chrom. Acc 2- Bassoon
Acc. Bass- Flute
Acc. Bass- Bandoneon
Acc. Bass- Helicon
Acc. Bass- Piccolo
Acc. Bass- Full stop
Acc. Tr.- Flute
Acc. Tr.- Flute musette
Acc. Tr.- Flute Piccolo
Acc. Tr.- Musette Picc.
Acc. Tr.- Musette Bass.
Acc. Tr.- Mus Full Stop
Acc. Tr.- Full Stop
Acc. Tr.- Bassoon Flute
Acc. Tr.-Bassoon Picc.
Acc. Tr.- Bassoon
Acc. Tr.- Piccolo
Accordion It.
Natural Harmonica
Nat. Harmonica 2



Strings & Orchestra





Synth Lead

Synth Pad

Synth Effects




Drum Sets

Section: Organ
Instrument: Acc. Tr.- Flute
New sound in GOLD 2 Sound Base


The "Acc. Treble" registers are used to play the chords or the melody.
For the bass line, use the "Acc. Bass" registers.


No information available yet


Played by: Sylvain Machefert (France)
Recorded by: Sylvain Machefert
Recorded Pitch Range: F3 - A6
Velocity Layers
Layer Vel.
Layer 1 :  0-50
Layer 2 :  51-90
Layer 3 :  91-127

Other info:

No information available yet

This sound only

Bass: Full stop
Chords: Flute
Melody: Flute+Piccolo

Music excerpts in this page have been made using Harmony Assistant and the GOLD 2 Sound Base

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