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Chromatic Percussion


Organ 1
60's Organ
70's Elec. organ
Tremolo Organ
Organ 2
Percussive Organ
Chorus Organ 2
Organ 3
Synth Theater Organ
Church Organ 1
Church Organ 3
Swell-Quintaton 16
Swell-Montre 8'
Swell-Bourdon 8'
Swell-Viole gambe 8'
Swell-Voix celeste 8'
Swell-Prestant 4'
Swell-Violoncelle 4'
Swell-Flute chem. 4'
Swell-Nasard 2 2-3'
Swell-Flute 2'
Swell-Tierce 1 3-5'
Swell-Nasard 1 1-3'
Swell-Sifflet 1'
Swell-Plein jeu III-V
Swell-Cymbale II-III
Swell-Cromorne 8'
Swell-Voix humaine 8'
Swell-Hautbois 8'
G.Org-Bourdon 16'
G.Org-Montre 8'
G.Org-Flute chem. 8'
G.Org-Gambe 8'
G.Org-Prestant 4'
G.Org-Salicional 4'
G.Org-Flute ouverte 4'
G.Org-Quinte 2 2-3'
G.Org-Doublette 2'
G.Org-Flute conique 2'
G.Org-Larigot 1 1-3'
G.Org-Cornet IV
G.Org-Sesqualtiera II
G.Org-Fourniture V-VII
G.Org-Bombarde 16'
G.Org-Trompette 8'
Church Organ 2
Ped-Contrabass 16'
Ped-Soubasse 16'
Ped-Montre 8'
Ped-Bourdon 8'
Ped-Choral Basse 4'
Ped-Flute Basse 4'
Ped-Cor de nuit 2'
Ped-Fourniture III
Ped-Bombarde 32'
Ped-Bombarde 16'
Ped-Trompette 8'
Ped-Clairon 4'
Reed Organ
Indian Harmonium
Puff Organ
Street Organ
Accordion Fr.
Chrom. Acc. - musette
Chrom. Acc. - flute
Diatonic Accordion
Chrom. Acc 2- Flute
Chrom. Acc 2- Musette
Chrom. Acc 2- Full Stop
Chrom. Acc 2- Bandoneon
Chrom. Acc 2- Bassoon
Acc. Bass- Flute
Acc. Bass- Bandoneon
Acc. Bass- Helicon
Acc. Bass- Piccolo
Acc. Bass- Full stop
Acc. Tr.- Flute
Acc. Tr.- Flute musette
Acc. Tr.- Flute Piccolo
Acc. Tr.- Musette Picc.
Acc. Tr.- Musette Bass.
Acc. Tr.- Mus Full Stop
Acc. Tr.- Full Stop
Acc. Tr.- Bassoon Flute
Acc. Tr.-Bassoon Picc.
Acc. Tr.- Bassoon
Acc. Tr.- Piccolo
Accordion It.
Natural Harmonica
Nat. Harmonica 2



Strings & Orchestra





Synth Lead

Synth Pad

Synth Effects




Drum Sets

Section: Organ
Instrument: Acc. Bass- Full stop
New sound in GOLD 2 Sound Base


The "Acc. Bass" registers are used only to play the bass line.
For the chords or the melody, use the "Acc. Treble" registers.


No information available yet


Played by: Sylvain Machefert (France)
Recorded by: Sylvain Machefert
Recorded Pitch Range: C2 - F3
Velocity Layers
Layer Vel.
Layer 1 :  0-50
Layer 2 :  51-90
Layer 3 :  91-127

Other info:

No information available yet

This sound only

Bass: Full stop
Chords: Flute
Melody: Flute+Piccolo

Music excerpts in this page have been made using Harmony Assistant and the GOLD 2 Sound Base

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