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Nov 19th, 2018, 10:07pm 
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Digital Perfomer Quickscribe  
« on: Feb 3rd, 2007, 6:25pm »
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I've had very good luck taking PDFs of Digital Performer Quickscribe scores and using PDFtoMusic Pro to turn them into music XML and open in Finale or Sibelius.  I have a few tips, I would like to share.
1. Make the score look reasonable.  Quantize note values etc.  Do as much  
editting of pitch, note duration in DP as possible.
2.  If you have part you know will end up in several layers in Finale.  Use split notes in DP put each layer on a separate staff in DP.  Then paste them  
into the layers you need in Finale.
3. When you open your musicXML file in Finale, use the mass edit tool and select all the entire score.  Then use plugs and mass edit tools to change whole rests to default whole rests, clear manual stem adjustments, and set tie directions to automatic.
4. If you are working with large scores, open the musicXML file and then open an empty template file with your score setup and paster the notes from the musicXML file into your template.
I've found PDFtoMusic Pro to be a huge time saver in this procedure.
John Hinchey
Nashville, TN USA
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