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Dec 1st, 2021, 7:45am 
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   Harmony Assistant 9.6.4 RC / Melody Assistant 7.6.4 RC (pre-versions)
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   Author  Topic: Harmony Assistant 9.6.4 RC / Melody Assistant 7.6.4 RC (pre-versions)  (Read 6662 times)
Olivier Guillion

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Harmony Assistant 9.6.4 RC / Melody Assistant 7.6.4 RC (pre-versions)  
« on: Aug 9th, 2016, 10:35am »

Please, test these pre-versions, then retest them...
Note 1:  problem reports have to be sent by e-mail only. This forum is dedicated to discussions between users. We often read it, answer sometimes, but problems reported here won't usually be processed

Download links are provided at the end of this message, and will be updated frequently.
What is it?
This is a RC (Release Candidate) version of the program.
This means that its aim is to be tested in depth before public release. Your help will let us provide a reliable version to the whole user community.
This version will also let you check that the improvements you are interested in work actually as you expect. When the public, final version will be made available, it will be too late to report a malfunction.
It is therefore not recommended to count on others to adjust the features you are waiting for.
What does it contain (or not)?
It is a fully functional version of the program, that includes all improvements and new features that have been added since the last public version.
On Harmony Assistant, conversion of MUSL space (Web space to publish your scores) is made in a "sandbox", i.e. a copy of your space completely separate from the real, publicly available one.
You can therefore work fearlessly on your space, convert it, add or remove scores.
However, you must keep in mind that:
- The changes you make won't appear publicly
- Your space in the sandbox will be deleted as soon as the public version of the program is out
- If you encounter a problem and wish to back off, just ask us (provide your MUSL account name), we'll then restore your space to its original state
- Graphical operations on pictures (score preview icons, avatar picture) can't work on the sandbox, for technical reasons.
What should I do?
You just have to download and install this version. It installs in a separate folder, distinct from the public version, which lets you keep the public version to perform actual work.
With the RC version, check the operations you usually do, as well as new features, improvements and fixes listed in the "What's new" section of the embedded manual ("Help > Documentation" menu option).
If you encounter any problem, please report it to didier@myriad-online.com and join a file that highlight the problem whenever possible.
If possible, select a category for this problem (by decreasing order of priority):
  • Problem related to a new feature or improvement
  • Problem related to an previously existing feature, that didn't occur in the public version (9.6.3i)
  • Problem related to a previously existing feature, that already occured in the public version (9.6.3i)
    File format
    In order to be able to save parameters related to the new features and improvements, score file format has been changed. Documents created with this version are therefore not readable neither with the public version, nor Melody Player.  
    However, files saved with this RC version will be readable by the public version of Harmony Assistant when released.
    Please note that you can set up the program to save in the previous format (Global setup, "Save" section). Select "June 2014 (960)" in the version pop-up. Saved files will then be readable using the current public version, but some options related to new feature might then not be saved properly.
    Thank you!

    XP, 2K,Vista, 7, 8, 10
    95, 98, ME
    Mac OSLinux
    Harmony Assistant version 9.6.4 RC7 version 9.6.4 RC7 version 9.6.4 RC7version 9.6.4 RC7
    Melody Assistant version 7.6.4 RC7 version 7.6.4 RC7 version 7.6.4 RC7 n/d

    Melody Player has also be released in version RC. Click here to get more information
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