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May 31st, 2020, 7:08am 
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   [Archive] Harmony Assistant LINUX 9.6.4 alpha 4
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   Author  Topic: [Archive] Harmony Assistant LINUX 9.6.4 alpha 4  (Read 823 times)
Olivier Guillion

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[Archive] Harmony Assistant LINUX 9.6.4 alpha 4  
« on: Jan 26th, 2015, 4:35pm »

This topic is kept only for information purpose, in order to keep track of the fixed problems
This version is intended to let you perform the very first tests of the new graphical interface.
It's not the venue to comment on the program features, except if they are directly related to windows, menus, clickable objects, etc.
To install this alpha version, please follow this procedure:
- Download this file
<attachment deleted>
Double-click it to see its content, then open the "Read me" file and read it carefully. The install instructions are detailed there.
Warning, this version will install over your current version. You will then have to reinstall the public version once your tests are complete.
- Once the install completed (please tell us if you had to add something to the procedure in order to install it properly on your Linux version), report the problems you encounter.
- Please check first that theese problems are not in the list below, that will be updated as we receive the alpha-testers feedback:
  • The install procedure has been simplified (auto-extractible archive, automatic dependency install...)
  • On PCLinuxOS 64 bits, 32-bits libraries are now installed.
  • On some distributions, icon of the application was incorrect in the launchbar (question mark)
  • Running the program by double-clicking a document, or dragging a document on the application window to open it didn't consistently work.
  • MIDI In/Out couldn't be tested. If you are in position to do it, please contact us.
    In red, the new problems that have been reported and could be reproduced and confirmed
    In green, problems that have been fixed and shouldn't occur anymore in the next version

    If the problem you encounter isn't in the list above, please report it by e-mail to:
    Please precise your distribution, and attach any data file, screen copy, log file or console output that could help us tracking the problem.
    Note: if all worked perfectly, we'd nevertheless be glad to receive an e-mail saying so.
    Thank you!
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