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(Message started by: muddle on Feb 28th, 2015, 5:34am)

Title: Some opera style voices
Post by muddle on Feb 28th, 2015, 5:34am
Hallo again.   Here are some more attempts at operatic solo voices.
At this address:---

There are 4 voices ... but only  to save people having to do the changes themselves on the basic bass and soprano  voice.
Feel free to use, change  or store them.

You can get an idea of them from the attached mp3s.
The main change needed for these  voices was an increase in vibrato.( though I couldn't bring myself to use the deep, slow vibrato of some singers )
 For the faster voices the vibrato had to start almost straight away.
Slower voices (with less attack) seemed better with a  delayed vibrato.
And  even after that, the 'demos'  of Mozart attached  seemed to need  vibrato 'effects' added ( less and more) at various places.

The new Davio Bass voice has only a slight tone change from the David bass voice previously uploaded, but the  soprano voice was a challenge.

When I listened to real sopranos I was  amazed by the  way some  articulated the lyrics.
And their vowels were often very strong, even on high notes. This doesn't seem to be easy to match in HA  voices!
I applied the equalizer in HA's  'advanced editing'  to make aahs more 'aahish'. and  'eee'  less squeaky...  and so on.
And the the consonants were sometimes adjusted to make then more or less audible.

My feeling is that the voice fragments change balance as the voice rises and falls in pitch, so it's best to
test the changes you make on a staff with a short  tune in the voice range you are aiming for ( rather than the mid note of HA test fragments).
You can then play and stop  it from the fragment editor itself.

And  there's a major problem with this operatic stuff.
If you want to get the most ' life' into the  voice  you will probably need to apply parameter curves ( volume, treble and even bass if needed) ... varying almost all the the time. ( And the words did get some strange spellings to change the sound in places.)

This means  you have to be a bit inspired by the piece you are doing or you will never keep going through all the trial and mistakes!  


Title: Re: Some opera style voices
Post by muddle on Feb 28th, 2015, 5:40am
And here's the slow voice versions.  A lot of careful parameter curve was used.  And a good bit of external FX .

It was interesting to try and make the group solo singing work.  I ended up making individual voices louder in various places.  Otherwise it seemed to be too flat and boring.

Soundfont orchestra in both pieces by the way.  It is helped a lot by the FX.

Title: Re: Some opera style voices
Post by muddle on Feb 28th, 2015, 5:53am
And the voices seem to go well with some choir styles.
I used  HA's aah2 choir  with its velocity sensitivity increased in each part.
And then added 2 different real singers to each part, all  panned  to give a sense of space.  

Interesting thing in the middle Handel extract. The volume rising /falling <> effect was applied and seemed to be a good way to make the fast notes sound like some choirs sing them.

Hope that's of interest.

Addition ... before I forget .. the 'Davidia' voice uploaded earlier  was discovered to have a fragment ( CH) that had been set to almost zero volume at some point.
A corrected version is now in the previous '5morevoices 'zip file.

 David .

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