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Nov 17th, 2018, 2:59pm 
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   Lyrics, Keeping Syllables and Notes Aligned when editing
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   Author  Topic: Lyrics, Keeping Syllables and Notes Aligned when editing  (Read 938 times)
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Lyrics, Keeping Syllables and Notes Aligned when editing  
« on: Oct 18th, 2015, 1:37am »
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Hello, I have been using Virtual Singer to try editing VERY long scores.
I am having a problem changing a word, and keeping all the other words lined up to the correct note. This is the same substitution word and pattern repeated over six thousand times.
I first have to add one note to match the pronunciation of the new word. This shifts everthing, and I compensate by typing in the new word with the extra hyphen "-". I tried search and replace, but it messes things up. I have tried by hand, but apparently the bars somehow interfere with the flow of the text? I wish I could turn off all the bars, and just have strait text matched to notes if this would help. Of course there may be some other problem. I have no problem entering text by hand using the space bar, hypen "-", or "space symbol"__. The problem is that I find it hard to properly edit existing text and get syllables to go where I want. The bars seem to be an issue, especially when I add notes briefer than a quarter note which splits notes across bars. I may not be describing this perfectly, as I am not entirely sure what is happening. I am not a musician, and have studied a bit of theory to understand notation somewhat, and have been learning Virtual Singer solely for this huge project.
Specifically, this deals with the work done by a deceased French musicologist Suzanne Haļk-Vantoura on the Hebrew Bible's music. This is the entire Hebrew old testament. This is like trying to edit about a thousand songs, as this is about how many chapters are in the Hebrew old testament. They are all separate files.
These scores have recently been automatically put into music XML, by Bob MacDonald of Canada. This work is very unique. This is the entire Hebrew old testament put into the ancient melody, not modern cantillation, now readable by computer finally. I say the entire old testament, but it leaves out the personal name of God, and substitutes this with adonai. When I replace this with the personal name of God, I have to add a note every time to make Virtual Singer sing this properly. Here are the files I am working with. usp= sharing
In the text I am replacing adonai (not all the adonais!) which have replaced Yehowah back to the original Yehowah. Ado of Ado-nai sings fine on one note, Yeho does not, so I have to add a note to make it pronounce correctly, and make it Ye-ho. Ado-nai changes back to Ye-ho-wah. At least this is the goal with out messing up all the other music/lyrics.
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Re: Lyrics, Keeping Syllables and Notes Aligned when editing  
« Reply #1 on: Oct 18th, 2015, 11:20am »
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From what you say, I think that you could change things a little easier.
1- When adding or erasing notes in a completed score, it's often better to work so that nothing is shifted. Try Options>Limit editing to one bar. Of course, you will not be allowed to add a note into a bar that is full. For example, let's say that in a 4/4 bar, you want to change a quarter note into two eigths. Don't add the eigth note at once, but click on the quarter note and a red "R" will appear, showing that the quarter will be turned into an eigth note. Then, add the second eigth note. If you work in the "limit editing to one bar" mode, the following bars will be unchanged.
2- The space and hyphen keys have a special function in HA.  
the spacebar : When entering the lyrics, hitting the space bar will automatically go to the next note, as a space is supposed to end a word. If you do this twice, HA will understand that the last syllable extends over two notes and consequently add a melisma (a little underscore line) to show the singer what he has to do. So, you don't really need to use the underscore key.
Now, you may wish to have several words to be sung on the same note (e.g. in cantilation). Do not use the regular space bar (or it will shift to the next note). Instead, hold down the shift key (there is one on either side of the keyboard) while hitting the space bar. It will add a space without moving to the next note.
The hyphen key : there again, HA will consider that you want to move to the next note (e.g. a word is sung over two or more notes, each of them matching one syllable). If you want to add a hyphen that doesn't shift to the next note, use the "=" key instead.
3- The pronunciation. Most of the time, VS will get the correct pronunciation, but not always. If you want a syllable to be pronounced in a definite way, I advise you to use the SAMPA language. It describes the way things are pronounced, not written. To add a SAMPA sound, you must type it between brackets ([]) It doesn't look nice while editing, but things are settled once the editing is over. The SAMPA string will be invisible. I suggest you take a look at the user's manual, there are several tables describing the different sounds. By the way, check what language is chosen by VS (usually, a little flag shows under each singer in the VS edit window).
Now, I'm going  to try to download the file you're talking about. Perhaps, I'll be able to tell you more about it...
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Re: Lyrics, Keeping Syllables and Notes Aligned when editing   GENESIS-002_00.myr
« Reply #2 on: Oct 18th, 2015, 11:54am »
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Hello again... I've tried my luck with Genesis, as I was pretty sure to find Adonaļ/Yehowah in it.  
In the attached file, I made one change only, at bar 29. Here is what I did :
1- I edited the lyrics (Staff>Edit lyrics). I got a window showing all the lyrics. The bars are symbolized byt the "/" sign, the non-breaking spaces by "^" and the non-breaking hyphens by "=".
2- To save time, I launched a word search (there is a little "binoculars" icon in the toolbar of the edit window) on "ado" (only "ado" as the word may have been written either "adonai" or "ado-nai") That led me to bar 29 (I learned later)
3- I simply replaced "ado" by "Yeo" and "nai" by "wah". To make it clearer I also set the font to color red.
4- I closed the edit window and got back to the score. I looked for the red letters and that took me down to bar 29. I select the "pencil" tool with an 1/8th note. I made sure that Options>Limit editing to one bar was selected. Then I clicked on the second quarter note (D) in bar 29, when I got the "R" pointer showing. This turned the quarter into an eigthh. I then added another eighth (D) note. The rest of the score remained unchanged.
5- I pointed to the lyrics line and added a hyphen just after "Ye", to get "Ye-o".
I launched the singing without selecting any language. VS did sing something, but I am totally unabale to say whether the pronunciation was right or not. However, I did recognize "Yeowah" pronounced on three syllables. By the way, VS set the language to Spanish !!!
I attach the file, just for the sake of examplifying what I said before. Feel free to ask for more details, as my explanations may seem "a bit" shady...
<Edit> As for the alignment of lyrics, I've found that apart from cantilation, the "center" alignment is better than "to the left". To set it, Staff>Edit lyrics : there is a dropdown list, at the top of the edit window, next to the icon toolbar.</Edit>
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