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Jun 20th, 2018, 10:58pm 
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   Two suggested features
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Two suggested features  
« on: Dec 16th, 2011, 6:52pm »
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I just got an email saying that this is the time to suggest features
for the next versions of the products, so here are two features for
Virtual Singer that I would like:
1)  Default Pronunciation File:
     A feature to let you specify a file with a list of words and their  
     phonetic pronunciation.  Then if a lyric word did not have an
     explicit pronunciation in square brackets, Virtual Singer
     would see if the word was in the Default Pronunciation File.
     The Default Pronunciation File would let you specify
     a phonetic once, instead of having to specify it for each
     occurrence of the word.
     E.g. for me, 90% of the time the word "live" should rhyme  
     with "give", not with "five", so I could specify that once.
2)  Default settings for options like Virtual Singer Language:
     Currently I have to remember to set the Virtual Singer Language
     to "US English" instead of the default "UK English".  It would
     be nice to be able to specify a different default for such options.
In general, Virtual Singer is a fine product.  I use it a lot
to generate demo versions of vocal works, and those demos
are a lot better that the usual "Choir Ahhs".
Phil Shaw
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