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Mar 1st, 2015, 4:20pm 
 1   General / Other subjects / Re: Création d'un site de vente d'arrangements musicaux  on: Today at 11:43am 
Started by elrabo | Last post by elrabo
Un très grand merci pour vos réponses.  
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 2   General / Virtual Singer / Re: Some variations of  Real voices for download  on: Today at 7:28am 
Started by muddle | Last post by jorge grillo
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 3   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Pas de son  on: Feb 28th, 2015, 6:33pm 
Started by Clodoux | Last post by Lagaffe
pdf to music me donne la première page noire mais avec un coche verte comme si c'était bon.
La deuxième page avec seulement les 2 dernières lignes occupées... Mais avec des notes complètement hors portée.
La suite semble normale bien qu'avec un triangle jaune à l'importation.
Bref, pas terrible !
Mac OS 10.6.8
pdf to music 1.5.0rc2
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 4   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Hard to see -- elements too small  on: Feb 28th, 2015, 6:19pm 
Started by Groff | Last post by jihel9
Have you try : menu configurations ->global setup -> edit ->large icons.
Only for the staff icons.
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 5   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Arpèges sur portée multi-voix  on: Feb 28th, 2015, 5:15pm 
Started by Cascaveu | Last post by Cascaveu
Ceci n'est pas une question, mais un partage d'expérience.
J'ai voulu mettre des arpèges sur la main droite du piano de la partition ci-attachée. C'est une portée à 2 voix, celle du haut étant un contre-chant, sans accords le plus souvent.
Mon premier réflexe a été de sélectionner les 2 voix et de poser mes arpèges ; résultat : la note de la voix haute n'est pas décalée (contrairement aux 2-3 notes d'accord de la voix basse). A la réflexion, c'est assez normal, car poser un arpège sur une seule note n'a pas de sens.
J'ai ensuite essayé de poser un décalage sur chaque note haute : échec, il revient toujours à zéro, sans doute parce qu'elle est la 1ère note d'un arpège (virtuel).  
Il faut donc rendre "non interprété" les arpèges des notes de la voix 1. Et là, il devient possible de leur assigner un décalage adéquat.
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 6   General / Virtual Singer / Re: Some opera style voices  on: Feb 28th, 2015, 5:53am 
Started by muddle | Last post by muddle
And the voices seem to go well with some choir styles.  
I used  HA's aah2 choir  with its velocity sensitivity increased in each part.  
And then added 2 different real singers to each part, all  panned  to give a sense of space.  
Interesting thing in the middle Handel extract. The volume rising /falling <> effect was applied and seemed to be a good way to make the fast notes sound like some choirs sing them.
Hope that's of interest.  
Addition ... before I forget .. the 'Davidia' voice uploaded earlier  was discovered to have a fragment ( CH) that had been set to almost zero volume at some point.  
A corrected version is now in the previous '5morevoices 'zip file.
  David .
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 7   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Midi event editing?  on: Feb 28th, 2015, 2:43am 
Started by HumbleMaha | Last post by muddle
Hi HumbleMaha...  I couldn't quite believe it, but I confirm that on my system, to get a whole file midi export that will re-import to HA  I have to:-  Select All, set delay 0.  Undo that, then set all delays to zero again.  Then set all pressure times to 100...then export mid.
For interest I attach the actual time positions I get for the first notes on the  sop1 staff when exported to midi from the original file without any process.
It is clearly just past the beat.  
There was a similar delay shown on  another piano roll sequencer... though it had slightly different hr, min sec times.  
If I manually adjusted the  1st note time :-  00045:01:042 ,  to  000:45:01:000  ( i.e. put it exactly on the beat) the file imported that note position correctly into HA.
For normal import HA could probably handle this timing shift with  quantization .
But why would HA midi export be note delayed?     Is it just my system?  
good luck with this.
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 8   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: orchestral sections?  on: Feb 28th, 2015, 1:38am 
Started by wordmuse | Last post by wordmuse
Hey Eduard,
I will post something to SoundCloud in the near future and share the link in this thread.
I appreciate the info on exporting.  I'll play around with importing. But it may turn out that panning and playing other aspects in HA will be sufficient.  We'll see.
Thanks again.
- Bal
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 9   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Les notes n'apparaissent plus  on: Feb 27th, 2015, 10:00pm 
Started by Jgar | Last post by Jgar
Effectivement, c'était du .mp3 et non du .myr
Etourderie de ma part...
Merci et bon week-end !
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 10   General / Other subjects / Re: Some songs won't play  on: Feb 27th, 2015, 6:46pm 
Started by kantelemusic | Last post by bubu42
on Feb 21st, 2015, 11:14pm, kantelemusic wrote:
Finally...the song currently giving me the problem, has lyrics that appear with a gray background (as if they aren't linked with the staff) instead of the normal yellow background that appears when typing them in. Has anyone had a similar problem or know what I can try at this point? Thanks.

When the lyrics are on a greay background, it is probably because the staff is "without lyrics". With the control handles on (Ctrl+T if they aren't), click on the black triangle of the icon bar (in the staff left margin). The line "staff with lyrics" should be checked.
By the way, when you want to ask about Harmony/Melody, use the dedicated part of the forum instead of "other subjects". You'll be more likely to get an answer.  
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