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Dec 7th, 2016, 1:33pm 
 1   General / Virtual Singer / Re: Problème Ténor  on: Today at 11:35am 
Started by Rudolf | Last post by Rudolf
Bonjour et merci bubu42 pour ces renseignements précis. Je vais vérifier tout ça.
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 2   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Outil barre de mesure minuscule ....  on: Today at 10:13am 
Started by Jlreinom | Last post by Jlreinom
Mon outil barre de mesure est minuscule et donc difficilement utilisable. Le changement de version n'y a rien changé....
Quelqu'un a t il eu le même problème ?
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 3   General / Other subjects / Location/language of Forum users  on: Today at 9:52am 
Started by Andre_B | Last post by Andre_B
Periodically I see a question from a (new) forum user which I hardly understand, though written in a language which I generally can handle.  
It may be due to two kinds of causes:  
- the requester isn't easy in the language he uses, or is based on peculiarities of the region he lives in. Or his usage of language is too sophisticated for me.  
- his/her skills: he might be a beginner in music, score writing, Myriad products, or at the contrary quite specialized in one of the areas.  
I (and probably others) can then hesitate in asking to reformulate the question, we don't want to be talking "as to a child" when it's not appropriate.  
Therefore I would suggest the users to fill in some minimal information about themselves in the "profile".  
I would think of country of origin, primary language if not obvious for that country, and experience level in music, music notation, score editors, or other matters related to the question.  
I think this might often help us giving better help.
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 4   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: HA forcer à quitter  on: Today at 9:43am 
Started by Mick Rochard | Last post by Mick Rochard
J'ai fait une m à j  normale, sans clean install et je suis maintenant en 10 12 1 qui est donc par dessus l'ancienne.
Je suis passé en Sierra mais je sais plus la date de cette m à j.
En fait depuis toujours j'ai fait mes màj comme ça, jamais en clean install.
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 5   General / Myriad Plug-in / Melody Player & other freeware programs / Re: Windows file (dis)association  on: Today at 9:39am 
Started by Tony Deff | Last post by Andre_B
In Windows Explorer, the association is relatively easy to manage, via "Open With" or via the properties screen of a target file.  
But to download and execute from a browser, it looks like a mess. I stumbled on that in a quite different project.  
A workaround is to use another  browser. Btw, which is the one you are generally working with? I may try to come back to my earlier findings.
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 6   General / PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro / Re: Where to get score editor software?  on: Today at 9:15am 
Started by Tambourineman | Last post by JP
on Dec 6th, 2016, 7:40pm, Tambourineman wrote:
The reference to Harmony and Melody Assistants was all I needed to know.  
The don't say they scan the sheet music in the format needed by PDFtoMusic to use (manage).
The information on these  three program seems to indicate they will do what I would like - once I can convert what's on a piece of paper to the special electronic type of PDF document that PDFtoMusic requires.  The information says PDFtoMusic can't work with just a plain, ordinary pdf files.  The info for Harmony and Melody don't say they scan such paper sheets into such an electronic pdf format.

I'm afraid you don't clearly see the issue: PDF files can contain text files, image files and combinations of these.
PDF files generated by score editors contain text files using specific fonts to represent musical figures and as such can be interpreted by PDFtoMusic.  
But if the PDF file you get is an image file, e.g. a scan of a score printed on paper, PDFtoMusic is not the appropriate tool, it just won't recognise anything.
There are other tools which are intended to recognise scores from a scan, personally I've tried to use some of them, but the result is often disappointing, and eventually I decide to rewrite the score myself from scratch.
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 7   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Apparence du dock  on: Today at 8:17am 
Started by jedy | Last post by Didier Guillion
Désactivez d'abord le Dock, menu Fenetres>Dock,
puis réactivez le apres avoir fait la manip indiquée.
PS: Certains utilisateurs ont des problèmes de "Fichier>Sauvegardez sous" avec 10.12.1, et de votre coté ?
Quel est votre modèle de Mac ?
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 8   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Chargement sur MUSL  on: Today at 8:13am 
Started by jedy | Last post by Didier Guillion
De mon coté j'ai cela :
Un problème de cache ? Avez vous essayé de le vider ?
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 9   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: New version: Harmony Assistant 9.7.0f / Melody Assistant 7.7.0f  on: Dec 6th, 2016, 9:36pm 
Started by Olivier Guillion | Last post by AstroPig7
Adding my own screenshot for font problems in 7.7.0.
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 10   General / Virtual Singer / Re: Recherche les voix de l'exemple officiel "Il est né le divin enfant"  on: Dec 6th, 2016, 9:01pm 
Started by Menestrel | Last post by jedy
Alors bonne recherche!
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