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Apr 20th, 2014, 3:51pm 
 1   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Harmony locks up after playing  on: Apr 18th, 2014, 10:37pm 
Started by aheezen | Last post by aheezen
I deleted all the Myriad files in my Library and restarted Harmony. That seems to have fixed the problem. For now.
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 2   General / Gold Sound Database / Re: A suggestion for  orchestral style string sounds ( instead of VST ? )  on: Apr 18th, 2014, 8:37pm 
Started by muddle | Last post by jorge grillo
Hi Muddle &  Dheo,  
I could never use HArmony with sources VST, neither with Garritan neither with Miroslav Orchestra, neither using those "Scripts" provided for HArmony. I don't know because, a message of the Operating System indicates me that it lacked a Plug-in or something like that.    
For that reason I abandon the intention of using VST and I began to study the many possibilities of Gold Sound (the big of HArmony is that everything can be published (editing) and to be configured...).    
I can assure that very good results are achieved exporting, from HArmony, in format Wav, then publishing (open) the file with Nero 7, tool: "Nero Wave Editor."  
This provides a multitude of effects, adjustments, filters pass band, suppressive of noise and many other possibilities that improve the music's sound a lot (best sounds).    
Then we can convert wav to mp3 with HArmony and we will obtain a realistic sound of very good quality. Any editor of Wave is useful and there are them gratuitous (Free).  
it is only a possibility.  
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 3   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: playback question  on: Apr 18th, 2014, 5:43pm 
Started by jaynkate01 | Last post by dheo
You are very welcome !!
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 4   General / PDFtoMusic / PDFtoMusic Pro / Re: Can't find registration code...  on: Apr 17th, 2014, 3:22pm 
Started by AkikoKumimo | Last post by Didier Guillion
At what date did you ordered it ?
Best regards
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 5   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Fonction texte  on: Apr 17th, 2014, 2:47pm 
Started by cosmos7 | Last post by cosmos7
Merci pour l'astuce!
Comme ça on peut mettre un texte sur une  
mesure cachée.
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 6   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Notation intempestive  on: Apr 15th, 2014, 8:55pm 
Started by srv38 | Last post by Andre_B
Using a Bass clef (F-clef) for the Tenor voice is almost exclusively used when both Tenor and Bass voices are on the same staff.  
Using a Treble clef with an 8vb sign is most logical nowadays, but it seems that it quite recent practice.  
It would be logical as well for a guitar, for instance! but it does not seem to be the practice.
It isn't either for transposing instruments such as the saxophone, where the 8 sign would be useful to differentiate a Sax-bass part from the Sax-alto one.  
One could always argue that the notation refers to the fingering and that it's the transpositions which includes an extra octave...  
I tend to share the opinion of Oliveira, the 8 sign is essentially a courtesy for the singers who are generally less trained to musical notation and theory than instrument players.  
However, they are still confused when part of a piece is a "mixed voice unison" written with only one treble-clef part, but Bass and Tenor sing it with an implied 8vb.  
At the end, I suspect that the 8vb practice is mostly due to computer-aided score writing. Computers are more comfortable with non-ambiguous notation, when humans will "obviously adjust".    
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 7   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Turn tie  on: Apr 13th, 2014, 2:47pm 
Started by musikus | Last post by musikus
Many thanks for the help.
I will test it, when i goes home.
I Need the tie Tool für the Skript "Learning notes on Piano" and Piano Tutor.
The skripts only works right with the tie-Tool
Many Thanks
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 8   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: custom tools with scripts  on: Apr 12th, 2014, 11:53am 
Started by musikus | Last post by musikus
Many Thanks
Funny, that it is different with the script than with the Icons
how can I pull "Full Width" in the User Palette  
If Full Width does not work, how can I drag the icon magnifier in the User Palette
Many Thanks
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 9   General / Melody Assistant / Harmony Assistant / Re: Des notes ne sont pas jouées  on: Apr 11th, 2014, 8:02pm 
Started by Lagaffe | Last post by Lagaffe
Explication clarinette, vu que j'ai récupéré la partition sur le net il est net que ce n'était pas des portées fusionnées.
D'où le souci.
Le remède est facile, merci de vos infos, je m'y colle !
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 10   General / Virtual Singer / Re: Sampa  on: Apr 11th, 2014, 1:26pm 
Started by Scott | Last post by SDoerr
SAMPA notation is normally inserted in square brackets after the normal spelling, syllable by syllable, and a hash sign (#) is also required to indicate SAMPA, e.g.:
Three[#i] blind[#aI] mice[#aI]
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